New blog theme winner – Gridlock K2

For now I’ve settled on a new theme for the blog, “Gridlock K2“. I’m running the latest RC(3) of K2 and there were some issues with the Gridlock style, some of which were also reported on the Gridlock K2 page, without resolution. Matthew Eernisse, our resident AJAX and CSS wizard for Chandler Server, was kind enough to take a look at the issues that I was having, most notably the sidebar being pushed to the bottom, and the menu rendering oddly. Matthew reduced hours of work to just a few minutes. In order to prevent anyone else from having to do that, here’s a pointer to the “fixed” gridlock.css for the Gridlock K2 style.

2 thoughts on “New blog theme winner – Gridlock K2

  1. Eston

    I’ll roll your changes into the Gridlock-K2 source if that’s alright with you and update Gridlock-K2. Its original maintainer has been a bit distant as of late, but that shouldn’t stop its forward progress.

  2. Ted Leung Post author

    That’s fine Eston – I was going to leave a comment over on your blog, and didn’t quite get to it. Having the sources updated would be awesome!

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