I was executive director of Advanced Technology at The Walt Disney Company

Before I came to Disney, I worked on on Dynamic Languages and cloud computing at Sun Microsystems.

Prior to working for Sun, I was the manager of the Cosmo team at the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF), and a contributor to OSAF’s Chandler Personal Information Manager. I was also responsible for community development, using my experiences as a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to help OSAF bootstrap a vibrant community around Cosmo and Chandler.

My involvement with the ASF continues – I am a member of the Incubator Project Management Committee, where I am helping new projects acclimatize to the Apache environment. I am one of the mentors for the Erlang based CouchDB project. I am also very happy to be involved with the new Apache Labs Project Management Committee. One of the original developers of the Xerces-J XML parser, I was a founding member of the Apache XML Project.

Prior to working at OSAF, I worked for several years as an independent consultant focusing on Java, XML, and web services. I was the technical lead for IBM’s XML4J parser, which served as the initial code base for the Java version of the Xerces-J parser. Other projects I have worked on include Apple’s Newton PDA, and on the compound document portion of Taligent’s object-oriented frameworks.

I did graduate work at Brown University, where I worked on data models and query languages for object oriented databases. I earned a bachelors degree in Mathematics at MIT.

My book, Professional XML Development with Apache Tools, was published by Wrox in December 2003. In addition, I have authored several trade magazine articles and academic papers.

I have spoken at numerous industry conferences including OSCON, JavaOne, CommunityOne, PyCon, DjangoCon, ApacheCon, Software Development, and IBM’s Solutions Developer Conference.

In 2009, I was a Seattle PI “Geek of the Week

My weblog (blog), Ted Leung on the air, contains thoughts on open source, modern programming languages, Mac OS X, microcontent, and photography.

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