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Chandler Preview Release

Last week Chandler hit a milestone that we’ve been calling “Preview”. Preview is a coordinated release of the Chandler Desktop application, the Chandler Server (Cosmo), and a free sharing service, Chandler Hub. Chandler Server not only provides calendar and general item sharing services for Chandler Desktop, it also includes an AJAXy UI that implements a decent slice of the functionality of the desktop. We’ll be working to increase the coverage of that slice over time. Chandler Hub is running on top of the Chandler Server software, and anyone who wants to could run a similar service by grabbing the code and installing it.

Over the years, many people have said to me, “let me know when Chandler is usable”. This is your notice that we now consider Chandler usable. The release numbers on the desktop and server are at 0.7 – so we are not saying that Chandler is feature complete, but the current features are usable. I’ve been using the calendar features for quite some time.

There are some important resources that you should take some time to look at, including:

I’d also like to highlight some of the interesting work that has been going on in the various Chandler projects: Brian Moseley has written a few blog posts about the work that he’s done using REST/Atom to provide services for the AJAX Web UI of Chandler Server. Jared Rhine has written a thorough and thoughtful post about what it means to be/run an “open service”. The OSAF QA team has built Windmill, a great tool for testing AJAXy web applications.

There is plenty of stuff going on in the various projects, and a lot of things left to do. We’d love to work with designers, developers, testers, and writers to bring Chandler to its fullest potential.

ApacheCon US Early bird deadline is Sept 22

This year’s ApacheCon US runs from November 14-16, 2007 and will take place at the Westin Peachtree in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here are some of the talks that I am especially interested in attending:

I will be giving a talk titled “Open Source Community Anti-Patterns”, and I am thinking of trying to organize some kind of photography BOF/event whatever. If you’d be interested in that, leave a comment.

Early bird registration has been extended to September 22, so register now if you are planning to attend.

Seattle Flickr sociality

Recently I’ve been doing some photo stuff with some folks from the Seattle Flickr Meetup group, particularly a bunch of people that are interested in Strobist style off camera lighting. Being able to interact with a community of similarly interested people has been a huge help to me. David Hobby’s post yesterday was about helping connect people to others in their locales who are also interested in lighting. As a bonus, he links to some video of our latest escapade. Here are a few of my shots from that same event.

[This is my first post using MarsEdit 2.0, which has great Flickr support built in]