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NewTeeVee 2010

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling in November, including some conferences. Here’s some information from NewTeeVee.

I dropped into NewTeeVee because I’m doing a lot with video and television these days, but I’m not really from that world. NewTeeVee is targeted at that space where the Internet and television overlap. As a result the conference feels kind of weird when you are used to going to conferences filled with open source developers and programmers of all kinds. There was very little talk about technology, at least in a form that would be recognizable to internet people. Quite a number of the presentations involved celebrities of one form or another, which is unsurprising, and I found it interesting to hear their takes on the future of television, and of entertainment as a whole. One of the most interesting sessions in this vein was with the showrunners of Lost and Heroes, two shows which have been very successful at combining broadcast television with the internet. Despite their pioneering efforts and their success, it was discouraging to hear them talking about how hard it would be to replicate the combined new media and old media combinations of their shows.

The closest that we got to technology in a form that I recognized was a talk by Samsung, which was really about their efforts to evangelize developers to write applications for Samsung connected TV’s. Samsung has its own application platform, and I found myself wondering whether or not they would be able to get enough developer attention. I’d much prefer to see TV’s adopt Open Web based technologies for their application platforms.

I came away from the conference feeling like a visitor to a country not my own, with a better sense of the culture, but still feeling very “other”.