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Yet another reason why Nikon’s star seems to be rising

Nikon has done a great job of featuring the work of Flickr users in their Nikon Stunning campaign, and the Nikon Stunning Gallery tag on Flickr. Now they’ve taken it up another notch by introducing the Nikon Digital Learning Center group. It’s a great idea, marred only by a very unpleasant copyright license policy for pictures in the pool. That doesn’t seem to extend to the discussions, so you could still post pictures there in order to gain educational value from the group. That flaw aside, this Nikon seems to be pounding Canon into the ground as far as their use of Flickr. Oh, and their ability to produce an ISO 25,600 DSLR.

Well done, Nikon

I had planned to finish up a post on Erlang tonight, but that got preempted by Nikon’s announcement of the D3, a full frame digital SLR, and the D300, which is a very nice improvement on the D200. The best articles I’ve read so far have been at Rob Galbraith’s site (D3, D300), followed by DPReview (D3, D300). As with the new Canon bodies, the proof will really come when enough regular folks have them in hand to provide real world information. Nikon users have got to be pretty happy today. Canon users as well, since now Canon will really have to accelerate their pace of innovation.