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2009 in Photography

Here’s a roundup of what I saw through the lens in 2009.


This year I did a lot more work with local and regional dancers. Here’s a danceseattle rehearsal shot.

danceseattle rehearsal


I continued my role as the official photographer for Bainbridge Island Chinese Connection’s Chinese New Year Celebration.

Seattle Chinese Orchestra


I caught this shot of Guido van Rossum at PyCon by being in the right place at the right time. My camera was lying on the table next to me when Guido suddenly grabbed the Django Pony and started running down the aisle. He was moving fast enough that I had to snap off a bunch of frames to catch him in focus.

PyCon 2009


April was busy dance month. The Olympic Performance Group put on “The Toymaker’s Doll” (also known as Coppelia).

OPG Toymaker's Doll 2009

danceseattle had their first ever performance.

danceseattle Looking Glass Glimpses 2009

For the first time in a long time, I actually was able to show up to a Seattle Flickr Garage shoot.

UW Garage Shoot 9


May is when the weather in the Seattle area starts to get decent, so I was able to get some nature subjects in front of the lens.

Focus stacking experiments

Memorial Day Low Tide Beach walk


I headed to San Francisco for JavaOne in early June.

CommunityOne 2009

I finished out June with Bainbridge Ballet’s end of year recital.

Bainbridge Ballet Recital 2009


The Bainbridge Island Fourth of July Parade is always a family and photographic staple.

Bainbridge Island Fourth of July Parade

Also in July, we had the first guinea pig born in our house.

The latest addition to the family


I made it to a second Seattle Flickr garage shoot.

UW Garage Shoot 10


Senior pictures for Bainbridge High School are due at the end of September, and I did 4 sessions in the space of 12 days or so.

Blake - Class of 2009

Blake - Class of 2009

Stefan - Class of 2010

Matt - Class of 2010

Michael - Class of 2010


School was in full swing in October, and one of the science lessons that Julie did with the girls involved extracting DNA using Bacardi 151 rum.

Homeschool: Extracting DNA with Bacardi 151


This year was the 10th Anniversary of the Apache Software Foundation (and my involvement with it). I did take a few shots while I was at ApacheCon.

ApacheCon US 2009

ApacheCon US 2009

I was also fortunate enough to get a slot to J. Mark Wallace’s US Meetup Tour when it hit Seattle.

Images from the Mark Wallace US Meetup Tour


Photographically, December is dominated by the Olympic Performance Group’s production of the Nutcracker.

OPG Nutcracker 2009

OPG Nutcracker 2009