Twitter in Scala

David Pollak shows a simple Twitter clone written in Scala. Last night was our first Bainbridge reading group meeting on Programming Erlang, so this is timely, as Scala’s actor libraries are modeled after Erlang. Also of interest is the use of David’s lift web framework for Scala, which includes ideas lifted from Seaside, Django, Rails and Erlyweb.

4 thoughts on “Twitter in Scala

  1. rick

    this is very cool – and I can see it being more deployable in an environment with existing services (being JVM-based.) But you do realize that its strongly-typed don’t you?

  2. Ted Leung Post author

    In the words of Alan Kay “I’m not against types, but I don’t know of any type systems that aren’t a complete pain, so I still like dynamic typing.” The jury is out on whether Scala’s type system is a complete pain or not.

    Dude, I tried to persuade you guys to study Scala earlier this year…

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  4. rick

    (sorry, I couldn’t resist.) I’m willing to look at Scala next.
    As far as typing – I appreciate both approaches – but static typing to me seems to help eliminate a whole class of human errors during development of large systems. Without them, complete coverage of the runtime seems to be required just to rule out simple mistakes. (I see enough JavaScript errors popup on web pages regularly to realize this is a common affliction!)

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