Strobist Lighting 102

It looks like David Hobby over at Strobist is going to run a new version of last year’s summer long lighting workshop. I learned a ton of stuff from the bootcamp last year, and after the OneLight Workshop, I am highly motivated to do a bunch more lighting stuff. If you are interested in improving the quality of your pictures via off camera lighting, you owe it to yourself to participate in Lighting 102.

4 thoughts on “Strobist Lighting 102

  1. rick

    I’d be interested in hearing what approach was taken with this. It looks like ambient was taken into account (which really makes it a “two light” workshop.)

  2. Ted Leung Post author

    Did you mean to comment on the one-light workshop post instead? Yes, pretty much anytime you have ambient light (sunlight or indoor light) you have a “second” light. But you only have one photographer supplied/hauled light.

  3. rick

    yes, i was talking about the workshop, sorry. I did a similar one it sounds like (through PCNW) a couple of years ago, but we admittedly used bigger lights than my usual 4-AA strobes. We spent a lot of time working on balancing ambient and supplied lights in indoor and outdoor situations. Not only balancing the exposure, but also the color temp. Hence my collection of Rosco gels…

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