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OSCON 2008 is next week

OSCON starts in Portland next week. This year there are a bunch of technical sessions that I am looking forward to including:

I’ll be giving a talk on Open Source Community Antipatterns. The content of this talk is based on my experiences with Apache, the Chandler project at OSAF, as well as general observation of open source projects in general. There’s a great panel on the same topic immediately after that talk, so you’ll be able to go two full rounds on this stuff if you like.

This is the first year I have been at OSCON as the employee of a sponsor, so I suspect that’s going to make the experience a little different this year. We are going do something a little different with the Sun booth this year. Instead of the usual booth stuff, we are going to host a two day unconference and a lounge with coffee, cookies and electrical outlets, so come by, chat or crash. Also, Sun, MySQL, and Zend are co-sponsoring a party on Wednesday night, July 23rd. If you were at OSCON last year, this is a bigger version of the party in the garage at the DoubleTree. Same venue, 8pm. I’m going to be at the Actors BOF right before that, so I’ll be fashionably late. I hope to see some of you in Portland!