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Back in September, my friend James Duncan Davidson stopped to visit me and the family here on Bainbridge Island. Duncan has been working on a new design for a camera strap, and during that visit he showed me one of the prototypes of the LumaLoop. I spent a good portion of our time playing with the strap, and was quite taken with the design. Needless to say, I didn’t really want to give it back to him when it was time for him to go.

The following week at DjangoCon, I lost the strap portion of my Upstrap quick release strap. I liked the Upstrap, but it wasn’t ideal. The Upstrap was great because of the non stick rubber pad that they use – it really won’t move. But like most other camera straps, I found that I was constantly getting it fouled in my arms or something, especially between landscape and portrait modes.

Duncan had promised me one of the early prototypes of the LumaLoop, so I put the official black and neon yellow strap on the D3 and waited patiently. Yesterday, my LumaLoop arrived, and I quickly installed it in place of the Nikon strap. The LumaLoop is a “sling strap” similar to the Black Rapid R-Straps that have become popular recently. The Black Rapid straps screw into the tripod socket on your camera, which is a problem if you have any kind of heavy duty tripod plate mounted on your camera, or if you shoot vertically a lot (this is even more of a problem if you have small hands and a camera with a battery grip). The LumaLoop attaches to one of the regular strap mounts on your camera, and once attached, you can slide the camera up and down the strap. The mounting loop is attached with a quick release clip, so swapping cameras/straps is easy as well. Duncan has a series of blog posts that detail the reasoning behind the design:

Here’s a quick snapshot of mine:

My Luma Labs LumaLoop camera strap

You can see the loop part that goes on the camera, as well as the quick release between the loop and the rest of the strap. It’s a bit harder see the padded non-slip shoulder pad.

The LumaLoop is going to be available from Luma Labs sometime very soon (Duncan gave me perimission to talk about the LumaLoop in advance of its general availability). You can follow Luma Labs on Twitter to keep up with all of the news and the official announcement. I’m excited to have a strap that both holds my camera securely and stays out of my way when the action gets going.

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