CommunityOne and JavaOne

I’m here in San Francisco for CommunityOne and the first 3 days (Tuesday through Thursday) of JavaOne.

Today at CommunityOne I’ll be giving a talk called “Programming Languages for the Cloud“. This is an exploration of areas where programming languages might intersect cloud computing.

Tuesday afternoon at JavaOne Ashwin Rao and i I will be giving a talk called “Seeding the Cloud“, where we’ll be giving a developer centric view of cloud computing and cloud computing issues. We’ll also have demos of some of the cloud developer stuff we’ve been working on.

If you are around and want to meetup, you can always get a hold of me via Twitter.

2 thoughts on “CommunityOne and JavaOne

  1. Francois Andry

    Hi Ted,

    This was one of the most comprehensive presentation on the topic of programing languages and the Cloud. Very good overview. Great material!


  2. Cloud Computing News

    Always like to see information on Cloud Computing! Looks like Australians are starting to wake up to it too with Telstra announcing a $500m spend this week on cloud computing services.

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