Sun Folks on the loose: Sara Dornsife

Crack marketing person Sara Dornsife is looking for a new position. But I bet she won’t be.

I’ve known Sara for several years. I think that we first met at an ApacheCon, but we kept running into each other at various open source conferences. She has done a great job of learning what is important to a particular community (take the open source community as an example), and then figuring out how do something that is both good for the community and for the company. Before I came to Sun, she was definitely on my list of “Sun people that really get open source”. Sara is also a leader using social media technologies to change how marketing is done, and she’s been nominated by Austin’s American Statesman for the Texas Social Media Awards. The bottom line on Sara is this: before Thursday, if you were an open source company or a company whose business plan relied on building and engaging a community, I would have said that you ought to pay very careful attention to what Sara’s been doing. Now, you can just plain hire her.

Sara has a profile on LinkedIn, and a new blog.

2 thoughts on “Sun Folks on the loose: Sara Dornsife

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  2. Terri Molini

    I have worked closely with SaraD for many, many years. I too work with the open source community and the stories she and I could tell (but won’t).

    Over the past few years we have been forging ahead with what was then a new phenomenon — social media. Many folks thought we were just being chatty and didn’t give us the time of day.

    Well things have changed and for many they have been left in the dust by folks such as SaraD, who have taken the bull by the horns and successfully discovered the power behind social media and communities.

    She is one hella great marketeer and will not be looking for a job for much longer.

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