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Along with today’s launch of NetBeans 6.5, Sun, in cooperation with the NBPython community, are releasing an early access version of Python support for NetBeans. This is a result of the collaboration between Sun people and the NBPython project that I wrote about back in July. This release has been tested by folks in the NetBeans community and some folks from Sun’s NetBeans QA team, and it’s in pretty good shape for an early access release. We’re interested in getting people’s feedback. We would also love to see more people get involved with NBPython.

How to get it?

You can get NetBeans Python from the NetBeans download page.

What’s in it?

The basic feature set for the early access release consists of an editor for Python, the ability to execute Python programs (using CPython or Jython), and a debugger.

There’s a tutorial up on the NetBeans wiki.

Tor Norbye, who did most of the work on the editor, has written a series of blog posts detailing various features of the Python editor.

Who did it

Allan Davis – project and platform management, interactive console.

Jean-Yves Mengant – Jean-Yves is the author of the jpydbg debugger, which he’s merged into NBPython.

Amit Saha – documentation and help sets – Amit works for Sun, but he’s doing Python on his own time.

Tor Norbye (Sun) – editing.

Tomas Zezula (Sun) – project and platform management.

Ted Leung (me) (Sun) – various behind the scenes stuff.

Frank Wierzbicki (Sun) – NBPython is using Jython’s parser and Frank worked with Tor to add support for positions and better error reporting.

Peter Lam (Sun) – Sun QA

Tony Beckham (Sun) – Sun QA

The NetBeans CAT community as well as those folks who drove by and reported bugs.

How to get involved

NBPython has become a full fledged NetBeans project, so the main project page is now on, as are the issue tracker and mailing lists:

8 thoughts on “Python in NetBeans

  1. stand


    Is there a howto for installing on adding the python stuff to my existing 6.5 IDE?

    The website says it should be on the Plugins list, but I don’t see it listed. Is there a provider URL that I can use to add it?

  2. stand

    Never mind my last comment. I see that the installer figures out that you already have 6.5 and installs the python stuff on top of it.

    cool. I’ll be playing with this.

  3. alrex

    Gave it a run a second ago. Very nice. I’ve been using WingIDE for about 3 years. I do loads of Java work so its great to know I’ll be able to do all my dev work in one IDE pretty soon.


    PS. I saw the pylint integration. Doesn’t seem to work. Did you try it your end?

  4. Yuppie

    I can not make a decision between Pyscripter, Netbeans and Ultraedit. Pyscripter seems more usable for Windows stuff like win32com. Netbeans becomes a very good IDE for different maybe bigger projects. And Ultraedit (not for Python) is the best editor for reading logfiles. Cannot find a but make eggshell…

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