What I am hoping for at WWDC

1. 3G iPhone with hardware GPS – I am dying to put my Nokia 6600 to rest

2. An emphasis on stability and performance in 10.6. – 10.5 just seems less reliable than it should. I am having problems with Firewire disks and with the WindowServer freaking out and consuming all available cores.

3. ZFS – my photo hard disk situation is a mess.

And that’s it. If there are other goodies, and I am sure there will be, that’s fine, but I’d be happy to check off those three items and call it a day.


2 Responses to “What I am hoping for at WWDC”

  1. Jim says:

    Happy now?

  2. Ted Leung says:

    2.5 / 3 isn’t bad. ZFS is only in the server version of Snow Leopard, at least so far.

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