PyCon: Open Space with Sun folks

For those of you at PyCon, Frank Wierzbicki and I will be hosting an open space session on Saturday (tomorrow) at 2pm for people to come and tell us what they think Sun should do in the Python space. We are definitely interested in input and feedback from the larger Python community. If you aren’t at PyCon but have ideas, you can drop either of us e-mail. Our Sun e-mail addresses are <firstname>.<lastname>

2 thoughts on “PyCon: Open Space with Sun folks

  1. Paddy3118

    1) Sun could be good friends to the PyPy team.
    2) Jython 3K with optional type annotations -> JIT compiling.
    3) Jython on embedded JVM
    4) Jython on massively parallel Sun kit.
    5) Sun changes logo to repeated/reflected Pythons 🙂
    6) Help Java camp write lean API’s 🙂

    – In my defence, it is very early in the morning here.

    – Paddy.

  2. Dunc

    I had to get along to the open space but got side-tracked (happens all to easily at PyCon; “import bilocation” anyone?).

    Any chance you could post a summary of the items discussed/issues raised at the open space?


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