If you think my job is all about Jython, you are confused.

Apparently people are confused about what I am working on at Sun, and with PyCon starting tomorrow, this is not a good thing. I am not going to be working on Jython directly, although I will certainly be poking my nose in to see what’s going on. The Python related part of my job (which will be the majority in the short term) is to figure out what Sun should be doing in the Python space, across all of the relevant platforms at Sun, including but not limited to: the JVM and JEE, Netbeans, and Solaris.

Sun isn’t done in the dynamic language space, and I will also be looking for opportunities with other dynamic languages and related technologies.

5 thoughts on “If you think my job is all about Jython, you are confused.

  1. shmook

    Good to hear Sun puts more energy into Python. I’ve been desperately missing decent Python support in Netbeans, think on the level what Eclipse + Pydev is offering.
    Good look for your new Job!

  2. Ze'ev

    As a veteran Java programmer and a recent Python enthusiast, I’m also missing decent Python support in Netbeans. I hope Sun can leverage the grate Ruby support they have developed into Netbeans to support Python in a similar manner.

  3. DeanG

    It sort of sounds like “If you thought my job was all about Python…”, and that your job is all about Dynamic Languages. ๐Ÿ™‚

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