Twitter, meet Planet…

So Cote thinks that it’s time for organizations and companies to aggregate Twitter:

In theory, this whole pulse idea could be packaged up to be as easily deployable as ‘planet’ sites. Here, ‘pulse’ is the operational brand-name of aggregating Twitter accounts, where as ‘planet’ is the tried and true operation brand-name of aggregating blogs.

Last time I looked, There was an RSS feed for every person on Twitter, and the code for Planet is available (I’m pointing to Sam’s Venus version). About the only thing missing here is a nice web based UI that lets you put in people’s Twitter user names….

7 thoughts on “Twitter, meet Planet…

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  2. Tom Lazar

    Couldn’t you achieve a “poor man’s version” of this already by simply signing up with a dedicated “planet account” i.e. “planet-plone” and then follow all plone related tweets? the planet site would then simply be the twitter home page of that account.

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