2007 – The year in photography

Here’s a round up of the highlights of my photographic year.


A trip to San Francisco gave me the chance to hang out with the San Francisco Flickr group – one of my favorite things to do in San Francisco – that is when the stars align.

SFlickr Meetup 20070111


I was the official photographer for Bainbridge Island’s second annual Chinese New Year Festival. I got the gig because my pictures of the previous year’s event showed up in the top 5 results for the search “Bainbridge Island chinese new year”.

Bainbridge Island Chinese New Year 2007: Lion Dance


A trip to the Seattle Aquarium:

Seattle Aquarium - Mar 2007


I attended Zack Arias’ amazing One Light Workshop. Shortly thereafter I bought some PocketWizards and started my journey to the lit side.

Seattle One Light Workshop

Seattle One Light Workshop


24 Hours of Flickr



The Kitsap Sun bought this picture and ran it in the Bainbridge Islander (the local local paper).

BI Rotary Auction 2007


I attended my first Seattle Flickr Strobist event, and finally connected with some local camera nuts.

Also in August I got to meet David Hobby in person at the Seattle Strobist Seminar.

Seattle Strobist Seminar

I confirmed my status a a photography nut by staying up to photograph the lunar eclipse:

Today's lunar eclipse at totality


I finally got around to making some Strobist style grid spots

Grid Mania

Which I promptly put to use during my first studio shoot with the Seattle Flickr Strobists.

I also did a Strobist architectural shoot:


I practiced my lighting and people shooting skills


I framed my first picture in order to display it in the November Seattle Flickrites photo show

My photo at the November Seattle Flickrites Photoshow

I also covered ApacheCon, as I have in previous years.

Opening Plenary

This year I also put my new skills to use by shooting a bunch of headshots for ASF folks. Average time per person: 5 minutes

Aaron Farr


Another Seattle Flickr Strobist shoot (including video) gets featured on Strobist.com.

It’s been a great year of learning and improving. Thanks to all the people (and there are a lot) who have helped me out along the way!

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