ApacheCon US 2007 Update

Yesterday I did my talk on Open Source Community Antipatterns. I am always nervous talking about community stuff in front of an Apache crowd, because these are folks who have a huge amount of cumulative experience in this area. There were some good questions and several people asked me if the slides would be available. I’ve put them up on the page with some of the other for ApacheCon US 2007. I was happy to have that under my belt.

I also co-hosted the ApacheCon Lightning Talks with Brian Fitzpatrick, last night. The Lightning Talks at ApacheCon are very entertaining, to the point of really being part of the entertainment as opposed to being part of the technical program. A no slides rule helps keep it that way. Kudos to those brave folks who gave “straight talks”, and to those who found ways to make their funny talks relevant somehow. Thanks to Fitz for asking me to do it with him — I expect Wilfredo Sanchez to be returning to his regular spot as the co-host, though.

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