Leopard hasn’t even shipped yet, and I am already mad…

I found Leap via TUAW today. I’ve been watching Yep because I collect PDF’s like candy, and it’s just getting a little out of hand. So the idea of a “tagging Finder” sounded pretty good to me. I installed the demo and briefly played with it. It relies heavily on Spotlight for finding the files and for doing things like excluding directories — I had to exclude a bunch of files in ~/Library/Application Support, for example. My big question was whether or not Leap tapped into Spotlight facilities for storing additional metadata. Before firing off a message to the authors, I dropped into the Google Group for Leap, and a little poking around produce this message thread. Unfortunately, the upshot is that even in Leopard there is not system level support for user defined metadata on files, despite the proliferation of third party tagging solutions. I’ve avoided looking at those solutions because I was expecting to see major improvements in Spotlight in Leopard, but it looks like that is not to be.

2 thoughts on “Leopard hasn’t even shipped yet, and I am already mad…

  1. Ted Leung Post author

    Keep which? Leap or Leopard? Leopard, of course – I’ll just be disgruntled. Leap – I’m not sure. Since it’s being bundled with Yep it really depends on whether I get Yep in the next little while.

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