Seattle Flickr sociality

Recently I’ve been doing some photo stuff with some folks from the Seattle Flickr Meetup group, particularly a bunch of people that are interested in Strobist style off camera lighting. Being able to interact with a community of similarly interested people has been a huge help to me. David Hobby’s post yesterday was about helping connect people to others in their locales who are also interested in lighting. As a bonus, he links to some video of our latest escapade. Here are a few of my shots from that same event.

[This is my first post using MarsEdit 2.0, which has great Flickr support built in]

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3 Responses to “Seattle Flickr sociality”

  1. bear says:

    I think you have picked two of my favourite pictures from your teaser roll you have on Flickr!

    The way the colours just *snap* in her dress, the composition of her sitting but yet you think she is standing and just the over all look of the image are amazing – great work.

    The second image just plain makes my day. The framing and pose, the color all combine to make that a very dramatic shot.

    It’s a photo I would love to have a large size printing of to frame and display – seriously 🙂

  2. Great way to start your day – viewing beautiful photos…

    I was scanning my feed backlog this morning (isn’t it always a backlog now-a-days and saw that Ted had posted an entry in his blog about the recent Sealtle Flickr meetup he attended.
    Earlier he had sent to me via IM that he was posting some earl…

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