Seattle Flickr sociality

Recently I’ve been doing some photo stuff with some folks from the Seattle Flickr Meetup group, particularly a bunch of people that are interested in Strobist style off camera lighting. Being able to interact with a community of similarly interested people has been a huge help to me. David Hobby’s post yesterday was about helping connect people to others in their locales who are also interested in lighting. As a bonus, he links to some video of our latest escapade. Here are a few of my shots from that same event.

[This is my first post using MarsEdit 2.0, which has great Flickr support built in]

3 thoughts on “Seattle Flickr sociality

  1. bear

    I think you have picked two of my favourite pictures from your teaser roll you have on Flickr!

    The way the colours just *snap* in her dress, the composition of her sitting but yet you think she is standing and just the over all look of the image are amazing – great work.

    The second image just plain makes my day. The framing and pose, the color all combine to make that a very dramatic shot.

    It’s a photo I would love to have a large size printing of to frame and display – seriously 🙂

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