OSCON is next week

OSCON is now barely a few days away. I like Portland, and I’m looking forward to being immersed in a sea of open source friendly people. Fortunately, the weather forecast says that we won’t be subjected to the 90 degree plus heat like last year. That will take some of the pain out of lugging camera gear. There don’t seem to be a lot of open source folks doing the Twitter thing, but if you are, here’s my Twitter home page.

This year Mimi Yin, the UI designer for Chandler, and I are giving a presentation on the things that we’ve learning in trying to incorporate designers into an open source project while maintaining the essence of what is good about both design and open source.

Check this post at the newly revamped Chandler blog for all the Chandler happenings at OSCON.

2 thoughts on “OSCON is next week

  1. rick

    i have to admit, i’m debating not bringing much camera equipment. maybe just the P&S. have to ask: are you there to take pictures or to talk & listen to people.
    alright, maybe a small flash too.

  2. Ted Leung Post author

    Couple of reasons to bring: OSCON photo contest, OSCON Photowalk w/ James Duncan Davidson, I’ve got a good slice of Friday afternoon to kill….

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