Sometimes reading is useful…

Turns out that there is a little more technical information for us poor folks that aren’t at WWDC. So on the topics that I wanted more info on:

  • Multicore – fixes to the scheduler, including processor affinity, multithreaded networking stack, more threading in and Spotlight, NSOperation and NSOperationQueue, and OpenMPI
  • 64 bit – 64 bit Java, MySQL and Apache.
  • DTrace / XRay – Dtrace-ified Ruby 1.8.6, Python 2.5, Java, and Perl. XRay alone would justify the $129 upgrade.

There’s also a bit of news on ZFS [via Simon Phipps].

I guess I feel better now. Now if only someone would tell me that Spotlight is no longer crawling…

2 thoughts on “Sometimes reading is useful…

  1. Sjan Evardsson

    I have no way of verifying this, but it seems from the blurbage on this page that Spotlight performance should be much improved. The page says:

    Apple engineers have updated several applications in Leopard — including Mail, Address Book, and Font Utility — to be fully multicore ready. Each of these apps breaks up processor-intensive actions into a series of more manageable steps that execute one by one on single-CPU computers and in parallel on newer, multicore systems. Cocoa uses that same technology to speed up Spotlight searches and Dictionary lookups.

    (emphasis mine)

    How this plays out in reality remains to be seen.

  2. Ted Leung Post author

    I’m not convinced that improving multicore performance is all that is needed to rectify the problems I am seeing w/ spotlight, although it will certainly help

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