24 Hours of Flickr…

I’ve finally dug out a bit from several really busy weeks at work, so I thought I’d celebrate by sharing my candidates for Flickr’s “24 Hours of Flickr” event. I need to pick one of these to submit, so comments are very welcome.

24 Hours of Flickr

24 Hours of Flickr

24 Hours of Flickr

24 Hours of Flickr

24 Hours of Flickr

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8 Responses to “24 Hours of Flickr…”

  1. Dr. Ernie says:

    I like the first, but I’m a sucker for saturated colors. 🙂

  2. Anthony Starks says:

    I say the last one.

    Here is the set I put together for the event:

    I see it as a stream of conscienouness of what I experienced on that particular Saturday.

  3. Karl says:

    The second one gets my vote. Nice work, Ted!

  4. Thejaswi says:

    My Vote is for the second one from the top.

  5. Paul says:

    I love the story in #2. That’s my pick.

  6. I’ll take any invites you got. Dopplr needs invite? Interested in Spock and others you have.


  7. Maarten says:

    You’ve been off the air for a long while. Hope everything’s alright!

  8. Ted Leung says:

    Hi Maarten,

    Yes, things are fine, mostly just busy.

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