3 thoughts on “Who said dynamic language performance doesn’t count?

  1. mikeal

    /me smiles

    From article:

    If you’re looking to deploy a big web application and you’re language-agnostic, realize that the same operation in Ruby will take less time in Python

  2. rick

    yes, an enlightening article. Slower than Python, sheesh!
    of course, rapid development of a system can be a key point in making/breaking it. Would they have gotten Twitter off the ground if they had chosen a different framework?

    Does this mean the RonR model is good mainly for prototyping and startup? Then once you’ve proven its
    viable, and/or need to scale you switch gears? What’s the
    next step: Pyhon/TurboGears, PHP/Cake, Java/?, or .Net stacks?

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