Outsourced Photo Retouching

I guess you can outsource just about everything. My buddy Kris Krug posted a request for comments on a retouched version of one of his pictures. The interesting thing is that the retouching was done by a gentleman in India who tracked Kris down using Flickr. The world just got a little flatter. For the record, I like the original better. Kris’ work has a particular look, and I think that the retouching fundamentally changed that.

The folks that did the retouching are at PixArt.

Update: Now the locals are into the game


3 Responses to “Outsourced Photo Retouching”

  1. kk+ says:

    crazy huh ted?
    i’ve gotten hit up by several folks like this lately.
    thx for writing about it. 🙂

  2. […] Pixart offers graphic design and photo manipulation from India. [via Ted Leung] […]

  3. Photographer says:

    Good photo retouchers are hard to find. A lot of times I see people asking for some help on retouching. It’s usually flooded with people using cheesy techniques. Mostly just simple filters. It goes to the point where nice pictures where a simple saturation/contrast would do great deal,but instead some weird colors are added with some strange lines and all the other bunch of weirdness. I am not saying I am the best retoucher,but I do everything,on my own photographs and never had anyone complain ( i am a photographer…)
    At the end,I think its’ possible to do most of the retouching yourself. It’s not that hard.


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