Hats off to the iTerm folks

Hat’s off to the iTerm folks. During my PowerPC OS X days, there were very few updates of iTerm, and while I used and liked iTerm, I despaired of ever getting any bugs fixes or enhancements. Recently though, things have really picked up. Not only did iTerm go Unversal, but it also included Sparkle for automatic updates. And boy does it update now. It seems like everytime I start iTerm (which isn’t that often because it’s gotten pretty stable), there’s a new update.

So to the iTerm team: Thanks from a happy user.

3 thoughts on “Hats off to the iTerm folks

  1. Corey

    Ahhh thanks for the pointer.. I haven’t updated iTerm since 0.8.2, and I use it daily. Automatic updates will be a bonus. 😉


  2. Kevin Ballard

    I haven’t looked at iTerm in about 6 months, but it’s always been, by far, the slowest terminal emulator around. Using it always felt like I was typing over a somewhat slow ssh connection.

  3. Ted Leung Post author


    Some of the recent iTerm changes have definitely impacted speed, and the version that I am using is slower than Terminal.app, but not a lot slower, at least to my eye.

    Are you using Terminal.app or something else?

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