Happy New Year!

If you are reading the RSS feeds, you may not have noticed that I’ve done a revamp of the blog. Starting with 2007, I’m switching over to the WordPress blogging system. The contents of my old blog can be reached via http://www.sauria.com/pyblog. Existing permalinks to the old content should continue to work. If they don’t that’s a bug and I’d appreciate a comment or an e-mail. Expect there to be falling plaster and such for the next few days while I get things sorted out. I’m going to redirect existing RSS feeds for quite some time, so the move should be invisible to most RSS subscribers as well. The one thing which looks to be a problem is per-category RSS feeds, but the only people really using those are Artima.com, which will just have to be broken for now.

So why the switch? For the past few years, around New Year’s I’ve pondered switching my blog to a blogging package that has a larger community. I originally got involved with PyBlosxom because I was really interested in learning more about blogging specifications, and I wanted a project to force me to play with Python. While it’s been fun to hack on a blogging package, I’ve reached the point where I want to simplify some things in my life in order to open up some time. Also, the comment spam situation has gotten ridiculous, and I wanted some better tools for working against spammers. So for now, what I really want is to move my blog onto a community owned blogging system (as opposed to a commercial or hosted system). That’s not to say that PyBlosxom is not a community owned blogging system, and indeed the community there seems to be broadening out a little bit. But there’s a huge difference between the size of the PyBlosxom community and the size of the WordPress community, and that’s what won me over in the end.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Rui Carmo

    Well, that’s all fine and good (and the layout is great, BTW), but that “Popularity” thingy in your posts is continually changing, and since it’s propagated to the RSS feed, any feed reader that checksums post content will keep marking your posts as “updated”…

    I don’t suppose you could remove it from feeds? It’s showing up on Planet Python as well…

  2. twl Post author

    Hmm, that’s not a good thing. I’ve turned it off until I can figure out how to make it behave more nicely. Thanks for the comment!

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  4. dave shields

    I’m also a big fan of WordPress, and blog within that community, as is shown by the URL of my blog.

    But whatever your taste in blogging engines, please, please, don’t use a white-on-black theme. Take a look at every book in the library. They are white-on-black for good reason.

    White-on-black. Cute, yes; readable, not.

  5. rick

    I’ll echo concerns over the design. On a large-screen CRT its very hard to read. I found myself increasing the text size in the browser just so I can read it comfortably. The fg color of the text itself does not sufficiently contrast with the bg at the default size. Interestingly enough the embedded links are much more legible – they’re a brighter color. The comments are a little more legible – but not as much as links – again because they use a different color.

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