Growlified Tweet

I’ve updated Tweet, the Applescript Quicksilver action for Twitter, so that it sends a Growl notification when it completes. The code is here.

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  • This is so frickin’ sweet. Thanks!

  • Works wonderfully.

  • This is absolutely sweet!
    Would be just perfect if the growlification could go the other way around, I mean notifying of new incoming twitters… but probably that’s something for twitterific more than for Tweet.scpt

    Anyway, again thanks for the good stuff!

  • Thanks for the great script.

    I just edited the script so it pushes the update to your iChat Status Message.

    You can see it here.

  • Thanks a million for this Ted.

    I love Quicksilver, but the one problem with using it to update Twitter was that you couldn’t tell if your tweet was too long. Word/letter/line counting is a simple but useful function that I couldn’t find anywhere else in Quicksilver, so I wrote my own AppleScript action for it (I borrowed your code for Growl notifications). Anyone who wants to add such functionality to Quicksilver can get the script from my post on the Quicksilver forums here:

    I hope people find this useful. Previously I’d echo my tweet through a pipe to wc and run as a shell command. This action is a big improvement :-) I activate Quicksilver, press period to enter my text, then tab, then WC to select my Word Count action, enter, then (assuming it’s not too long) press tab and TW to select the Tweet action and press enter.

    Now Quicksilver is my favourite way to update Twitter too!

    Now Quicksilver provides my favourite way to update Twitter.

  • I think I’m in love.

  • I modified your Growlified Tweet script to check the message length before sending it off to Twitter. Maybe some of you might be interested:

    using terms from application "Quicksilver"
    on process text tweet
    -- Init
    my growlRegister()
    set charcount_max to 140
    set charcount_tweet to (count characters of tweet)

    -- Check message length
    if charcount_tweet ≤ charcount_max then
    -- Get credentials for
    tell application "Keychain Scripting"
    set twitter_key to first Internet key of current keychain whose server is ""
    set twitter_login to quoted form of (account of twitter_key & ":" & password of twitter_key)
    end tell

    set twitter_status to quoted form of ("status=" & tweet)
    -- Send tweet
    do shell script "curl --user " & twitter_login & " -F " & twitter_status & ""
    -- Display success message
    growlNotify("Tweet Sent", tweet)
    on error
    -- Display error message
    growlNotify("Error Sending Tweet", "There was an error sending your Tweet.")
    end try
    -- Tweet is too long
    growlNotify("Tweet Too Long", "Tweet is " & charcount_tweet & " characters long. The maximum length is " & charcount_max & " characters.")
    end if
    end process text
    end using terms from

    using terms from application "GrowlHelperApp"
    -- Register Growl
    on growlRegister()
    tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
    register as application "Tweet" all notifications {"Alert"} default notifications {"Alert"} icon of application "Script"
    end tell
    end growlRegister

    -- Notify using Growl
    on growlNotify(grrTitle, grrDescription)
    tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
    notify with name "Alert" title grrTitle description grrDescription application name "Tweet"
    end tell
    end growlNotify
    end using terms from

  • I modified your Growlified Tweet script to check the message length before sending it off to Twitter. Maybe some of you might be interested:

  • Hi Ted,
    Thansk for this bud. For some reason though the script isn’t working. The Growl alert comes up fine, but the tweet never gets twittered. The original QS tweet script here is working ok.

  • Thanks for the beautiful work, but I’m sorely missing the use of this script since late December. Growl alerts keep popping up but Tweets never actually reach their destination. Any idea what might need adjustment? I’m guessing Twitter changed something.

  • I’ve updated the script so it should be working now.

  • Thanks so much. This script has really made an impact on my daily life. Not that I’m a twittaholic, but it makes my twitting impulses that much less distracting.

  • I’m an avid Quicksilver and Twitter user. I found this today, but as I’m not skilled at scripts etc I seem to be having trouble.

    As I understand it, I…
    1. copy your scpt file into an Actions folder in the user/library/applicationsupport/quicksilver folder…
    2. restart quicksilver
    3. cmd-space period tab enter
    4. growl notifies me that tweet is sent

    but nothing happens after #3


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