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Mon, 10 May 2004
Mac audio channels
I've been doing some more VOIP experiments with X-Lite. One thing that I've discovered both with X-Lite and iChat AV is the necessity of a headset. Unless you have a headset, the echo is really bad which makes it much harder to use these tools effectively.

Now I have a pretty good amplified telephone headset, which can also plug into the Powerbook, and switch back and forth between the two input sources (its supposed to be able to mix them as well, but I haven't gotten that to work). The problem is that this headset is no good for music, so I have to switch back and forth between stereo headphones and the phone headphones. This means pulling plugs and putting them back in -- a pain when you get a call and the wrong gadget is plugged in. So I'm looking for a solution for this problem

I've read that you can use a bluetooth headset as input for iChat (don't know about X-Lite), which seems like it would be a good solution to this problem. Here's how I hope that it works: I use the BT headset for VOIP and iChat AV, but music audio (iTunes) goes to the regular speaker output. I have no idea if it works this way, but that would be ideal.

Even better would be to pick up a feature from BluePhoneMenu, and have the use of the BT headset pause iTunes.

The Mac is becoming my telephony center - iChat AV, VOIP, cellular (although the braindead BT on the Nokia 6310i means that I'm due for an upgrade as soon as T-Mobile starts rebates on the Nokia 6600), and someday soon, regular telephony (probably via PhoneValet). With this much audio stuff going on, it would be nice not to have to yank plugs all the time.

Then again, a low tech solution like a y-adapter might work too, especially if it had a switch to pick sides.

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The folks at Rogue Amoeba may have an application to help you route your audio the way you want to.
Posted by John P. Speno at Tue May 11 07:28:42 2004

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