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Mon, 08 Nov 2004
Netflix for books or "interest queues"

We're not subscribers to Netflix, but I like their notion of an "interest queue". In addition to the queue, there's what I'll call you interest working set, which is 3 DVDs. When you return an item from working set, you get the next item from the queue. I'd love to have a queue like this for books, and I'd also like to be able to specify whether queue requests get satisfied via my local library or via Amazon (or your favorite book retailer)

I love books, and I could quite possibly spend the entire rest of my life reading interesting books. When I was younger, I used to just buy books and have huge piles of them lying all over the place. Actually one of Julie's favorite statistics about me is that when we moved from the East Coast to the West Coast (courtesy of Taligent), the movers came and boxed up 57 boxes of books. A fair number of those are still in our garage, and as I've gotten older, I've taken to relying on libraries for as many books as possible. I've also taken advantage of Amazon's integration of used books, to purchase as many used books as possible.

In an ideal book lover's world, I could easily punch books into my book interest queue (I suppose my Amazon wishlist fills this role, except that it's not a queue), and the queue would first try to check the book out of the library for me. If that failed, it would try to get a used copy in good condition, and only after exhausting these two options would it order a brand new copy (it would have to ask first).

I suppose that this would be a great addition to a Getting Things Done workflow application...

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My local library system already has that, in a way.  You can login, search the card cataglog, and then add the book to your list.  When you want to read that book, you just request which branch you want to pick it up from and they will email or call you when it is ready or you can check the status online.

It's a great system, and has supported my reading habit for the past two years.  My biggest regret is that it took me living in town three years before discovering the library.
Posted by MikeH at Tue Nov 9 11:11:40 2004

I guess you already know about Jon Udell's library lookup bookmarklets?

Lookup a book in your local library from an Amazon page (or other).
Posted by Julien Couvreur at Tue Nov 9 11:54:55 2004

The 0xDECAFBAD guy did this, with a Wish of the Month Club. Every month, he gets a book from his girlfriend that was on his wishlist and vise-versa.

Also, Ed Summers did another thing with amazon, where it would buy significantly discounted books on his wishlist. You can see it here.

I haven't seen anything with libraries yet...
Posted by Leland Johnson at Tue Nov 9 16:53:28 2004

If you are looking for an inexpensive place to buy books you should check out our new website.


One of the things we are hoping to add in the near future is wish lists, which can help you organize what books you want to read next.

-- Mike
Posted by Mike at Mon Apr 11 14:04:51 2005

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