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Fri, 07 Apr 2006
A Little More MacBook

I'm to the point where most of the big migration tasks are done now. There are still a bunch of little ones but I'm going to them piecemeal, so I'm just going to do this big wrapup for now

(More) Native apps that I've installed:

Non-native apps I've installed:

New apps that I've installed:

  • PodWorks is my friend! Not only did it get all my music from my iPod back into iTunes, it also recovered the ratings and playcount metadata
  • FastScripts Lite - free version is good, wish you could walk the menu after popping the hot key -- otherwise too many hot keys. Has some good display functionality usable from scripts -- if I start using that, I'll but the full version
  • lingon is a great editor for launchd config files, but unfortunately calendar based launching appears to be broken (still), so I guess I'll be going back to anacron, although the new version of NetNewsWire on Intel is so fast that I don't really mind the wait.
  • MenuCalendarClock - I have iCal open much less now that I am dogfooding Chandler, so sometimes I just want quick glance at the calendar.
  • Service Scrubber - This is a nice tool for fixing the keybindings to services. OmniOutliner Pro's Add to Clipping service was bound to Cmd->, which is what Emacs uses for go to end of file, and which I hit a lot. I had been editing the Info.plist for the service, but Service Scrubber is a much nicer way to do it.

Miscellaneous stuff:

I also observed the yellow cursor problem in Intel X11.app. Fortunately, there is a patch for that.

PithHelmet now works with NetNewsWire. It didn't used to work on my old laptop, but both programs have advanced, and I'm happy to be able to kill ads out of my NetNewsWire browser tabs. Just one more step on the way to getting rid of my standalone browser.

The remote is cool. We used it to watch a Netflix movie the other night, and it really works pretty well. It seems that only Front Row causes the weird hangs that I saw with rcd.app. Actually I haven't been brave enough to try it since I updated to 10.4.6, so maybe that's all straightened out. I've also used the remote to hush up the sound from iTunes. So it's kind of growing on me. It'll be interesting to see what kind of hacks happen around it.

Wireless performance is much improved over the PowerBook. I picked up a whole pile of wireless networks right around my house. We never saw them with the old machines.

I am still waiting for Aperture 1.1 to show up so I can post the backlog of Flickr photos. I could use LightRoom or iPhoto to do it, but I'm going to be stubborn, at least until April 15th or so.

I've built all the Python extensions that I need for my system automation, libxml2 and egenix's mxTidy. On these dual core machines, make -j 2 is your friend. appscript and ipython are also working just fine.

Apple issued a bunch of firmware updates along with Boot Camp. The update installed fine, but unlike some people, it didn't cure the CPU whine for me.

That whine is really the only thing that I'm unhappy with. I am really happy with the performance, and this is the bottom of the line configuration. Aperture is probably going to be the real torture test, so I'll have more to report on that.

Those of you who are sick of reading about Mac stuff can relax now. I have some non-Mac stuff in the pipeline.

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