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Tue, 09 Nov 2004
Switched DSL providers (again)

We're trying out a new DSL provider, speakeasy.net. Last time we switched to get relief from bandwidth metering. This time we're switching because it costs less, has a much higher download speed, but a slightly slower upload speed.

Please comment if you perceive that this blog (or Julie's) has slowed down.

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svk installer for OS X

During OSCON back in July, I wrote a bit about svk, an interesting version control system that can act as a proxy for Subversion and CVS. svk allows you to use a subversion like command set, and allows some of the distributed features of systems like arch or bitkeeper. I've been interested in playing with it, and got as far as installing the Debian packages for svk on one of my Debian boxes. But I really wanted to try it out on the Mac, since that's where I'm doing the majority of my work. There are fink packages, but they are among the many fink packages that want to install another python on the system, something that I've been reluctant to do. I've also had problems with keeping fink up to date. The short story is that I put it off.

Today I decided to stop in on the svk site before heading off to ApacheCon in a few days, and I discovered that there is now a standalone Mac OS X installer for svk. So I guess it's time to start looking at what svk can do...

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