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Mon, 10 Mar 2003
Chandler should be warm and hot
I've finally finished The Myth of the Paperless Office. I've appreciated Sellen and Harper's approach to looking at the affordances of paper as a prerequisite for understanding how/when/if to try and supplant paper. Malcolm Gladwell's review of The Myth of the Paperless Office hints at their approach, but I appreciate the benefits of it much more after reading the book.

My interest in Chandler-like functionality is what prompted me to finally get a hold of the book (I have a large reference stack related to this stuff, predating the Chandler announcement). One of the most interesting Chandler related observations that they made came during their review of how to build a better document management system (DMS). From observing an attempt to migrate an office into a DMS, they observed that documents fall into three categories, hot, warm, and cold, based on how the documents are used and related to each other (like being stapled together or put in a file folder). Cold documents are a good match for traditional DMS';s. Hot and warm documents (and files) are not. I want Chandler to be very good at supporting hot and warm information.

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It takes 3 hours to get anything done...
Ole Eichorn's article on e-mail contains an observation that I've experienced but haven't been able put into words:
Programming is a right-brain activity. It is very conceptual and spatial and [gasp!] artistic. Effective programming requires that you transition from your body's normal "left brain" mode into a "right brain" zone. As I mentioned above, programming cannot be done in less than three-hour windows. Really. And in talking to friends in other fields, I'm convinced this applies to many other lines of work.
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