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Sun, 03 Aug 2003
I want something new, too
[via Dewayne Mikkelson and his Radio WebDog, Shadow] Elizabeth Grigg wants something new. She wants blogging software so new and radical that
I'm not even sure what I want different... I just want something different. What I want, really, is something so radically different that it's hard to even call it "blog software"
Kim wants something different too:
I want to make a tool for creating websites based on faceted classification. This is basically what I do for work, but I want to make a simple version that emphasizes ease of use over feature set. This would be targeted at self-publishing (ala Movable Type) and community-publishing (ala Wiki)
There's a lot more there and you should go read it.

All I can say is, look at the category that this post appears in...

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"What he said"
James Robertson explains edit and continue after you've taken the red pill.
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Richard Kelsey week, day 3
In the comments to Virtual Machine bits, James asks
One question I'd have about the stuff Patrick points to - does it allow for updating installed software on the fly? It doesn't sound like it does, and to me, at least, that's a full stop. On my site, I'm doing live server updates all the time - it's just the way I work.
Kelsey's work was done in the context of T, an optimizing compiler for Scheme (which I actually used when I was an intern at now defunct Burroughs' now defunct System Development Center in Paoli, PA, not far from my parents). You could do all the dynamic stuff that you expect to do in Lisp or Scheme (or Smalltalk). For the gory details, I refer you to Olin Shivers's excellent [via Paul Graham's website] History of T, which will tell you the history of CPS compilation right up to the CPS/SSA equivalence results.

The Smalltalk folks were able to do amazing stuff with VM's. The Lisp and Scheme people were able to do all that in native code. See mod_lisp, for how you can open a lisp listener on your web server, edit, update, compile,and even disassemble functions while the application is running.

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Howl redux
Seems my post on Howl went all the way to some of the big boys. The route it took was via je_apostrophe (who, by the way, is really good at collecting interesting stuff). The post on je_apostrophe was only one line, and the most prominent link goes directly to the Swampwolf website. Unfortunately, it seems that some information got lost along the way...

Don Park wants to know where the Swampwolf sources are. My original post says [sic]

They've release the source on SourceForge under the BSD license.
I know this because I traded a bunch of e-mails with Scott Herscher at Swampwolf regarding the licensing of Howl.

Marc Canter wants to see this on Windows. The original post says [sic]:

The folks at Swampwolf have produced howl an open source Rendezvous/ZeroConf library that works on Windows and Linux
Not to mention that the screenshot that Don posted is the Howl Rendezvous browser running in the Internet Explorer explorer bar. There *is* open source on Windows, too.

One last detail: Swampwolf wants to provide this using the BSD license. The current source downloads have a GNU COPYING file in them (GPL), and they were going to change this in the download, but apparently didn't get to it yet. The SourceForge page does say it's BSD licensed. Stay tuned for more on this.

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