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Sun, 04 Apr 2004
I sent it back...
I've previously written about the Shure E3c's that I ordered from Microphone Solutions, based on a special deal that I found out about via iPodLounge. About a week after I got them, my right ear started to hurt -- not a good sign for earphones that are worn in the ear. So I stopped wearing the E3c's for about a week and tried again. Things were a little better, and I tried for a few more days. But ultimately I concluded that these were not for me. It was too much money for something that hurt my ear and didn't exceed expectations in all areas (noise reduction being a primary - I really would have liked that for all the plane flights I've taken in the last 30 days). To Shure's credit, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which Microphone Solutions also honors. So I sent a note off to Microphone Solutions explaining that the phones hurt my ear and that I wanted to RMA them. I got a short e-mail giving me the RMA number, which was good for 5 days (which meant I had to send the phones via expensive shipping). Nothing about the pain in my ear or anything like that. If I sold something to somebody that caused them physical pain, the least I could do would be to apologize while issuing the RMA numbers. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I've nothing against Shure, and I'm sure that the phones work beautifully for many people, and I appreciate the 30 day return policy that allows people to try the phones. Microphone Solutions is a different story.
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Ted, I don't know what you are looking for in a set of headphones, it is so personal.  In a Consumers Report review of headphones they recommended the Sony MDR-CD180 for $20.  I bought a set and wore them 10 hours a day 6 days a week for 4 monthes listening to the KEXP stream or my cds.  They are very comfortable with a fabric ear muff and very lightweight.
IMO the Bose triport is more comfortable but don't sound as good, and the Sennheiser HD280 sound better but are not as comfortable and heavier, and both of these cost $150.  For $20 you can't lose, the Sony headphones have good range and even sound for lively classical music, indie rock or drum-bass-electronica dance music.  The minuses, silvery-white plastic ear cans, and the plastic headband is not padded, but they are light enough that the headband doesn't need to rest on the top of your head.
Posted by Jeff Sandys at Thu Apr 8 10:39:02 2004

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