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Thu, 29 Jan 2004
Lunacy, Scheme, and Python
[via ??? I forgot -- I'm sorry ] Lunacy is a vm/compiler for Scheme that was also to have a front end for a dialect of Python. I wish that this were still being actively developed. It would be great to have something like this for Python.
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Ted Leung at Fri Jan 30 01:15:05 2004

I don't think translating languages is very effective -- besides compilers that compile to C, there aren't really any implementations of utility.  And even compiling to C is always a stop-gap, not a real answer.

Or, you get "dialects" ala .NET, where it's really just one language with multiple syntaxes.

At least, that's my conclusion from when I wrote my own
Scheme language translator (in this case translating Tcl to Scheme, which is much easier than Python).  The utility is questionable, and you get an accurate implementation of the language, or you get good performance, but never both, and usually neither.  Jython, as an example, is a useful tool, but only when the JVM is a prerequesite.  CPython will always beat Jython.

From Jeremy's description of the Python to PLT Scheme translator, it sounds like they are hitting the same problems.  The problems probably aren't unsurmountable, but the effort required is probably no less than starting from scratch without a Scheme interpreter.
Posted by Ian Bicking at Fri Jan 30 10:29:04 2004

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