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Mon, 27 Feb 2006
PyCon Day 2

Day 2 started off with Guido keynote, which was mostly a review of community activity and new stuff in 2.5. Most of the community projects that he called out had to do with stuff being done by the PSF, related the PSF infrastructure. I was surprised that he didn't call out the large amount of progress on web frameworks, especially given his recent interest in web stuff.

As far as the new features of Python 2.5, Guido said that 2.5 will have the most new stuff in it since 2.2. There's a fair amount of stuff related to expanding the usefulness of generators for coroutines and for managing various kinds of resources. I suppose that I'll have to go look at the PEPs for the new features, but my initial reaction was that it seemed kind of complicated, and that if you weren't scared of this stuff you wouldn't be scared of something like continuations either.

Brian Kirsch's I18N talk went pretty well. There were a good number of questions which were all practically focused, which is a good sign that other people are also struggling with building internationalized applications.

This year's Chandler BOF was one of the better ones. I attribute a lot of that to actually having enough software that questions shifted from "what are you going to do" to "can it do this". We did a brief demo of the latest version of Chandler and after that we had a lively back and forth about lots of topics. I hope that means that some people will be excited enough to join us at the sprints.

The most packed out talk that I saw so far was Ian Bicking's talk on Python Eggs. It was standing (and sitting) room only, which resulted in an encore presentation in one of the large ballrooms. I was really happy to see this, because this sort of thing has been long overdue.

Lightning talks are frequently among the best talks at conferences that have them. Here are that ones that stuck out to me:

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