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Sun, 05 Oct 2003
Are we just talking to nobody?
Lemonodor has a post and comments on Smug-lisp-weenie-ism. I hope that my postings haven't fallen into that category. I've been trying to keep the posts educational, although I know I haven't always succeeded.

I do think that there are some valid points in the comments:

  1. There are too many Lisps/Schemes/etc.
  2. It would be better to show cool programs/applications
Python is attracting a lot of people who like Lisp. There's only one Python, and there's starting to be a body of interesting programs. There's momentum there, quite a bit more than there is around all the various Lisps. I think that the momentum around languages like Python and Ruby is going to open a window of opportunity for Lisp and Smalltalk. The question is will those communities be ready when the window opens? This is something to be thinking about now. I've been excited about Arc, but we're coming up on the third LL conference, and there's no Arc in sight. Seems like a cathedral being built out there somewhere. In the meantime, Arc has sucked up all the oxygen from Lisp and other Lisp like languages like Dylan. In order to be ready for the window to open, we need something to work with. I've been hoping that Arc would be the standard that everyone in the Lisp community could rally around, but I'm starting to wonder if that's a mistake. Paul Graham is giving a talk on Arc at the ILC later this month. Let's hope he actually shows us what Arc looks like so we can decided whether to pile on, or to go find something else. Perl, Python, and Ruby are demonstrating that the combination of non-mainstream language ideas and open source can gain buzz and adoption. Why can't Lisp?
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GOO was also announced (as 'proto') at LL1, there is an actual implementation available for download:


I find it odd, however, that it appears to lack a socket interface...
Posted by Marc Ramsey at Mon Oct 6 00:43:54 2003

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