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Tue, 22 Jul 2003
So now loose coupling is good...
Don Box's posting on delegates is a little funny. He basically shows how delegates can be used to reduce the coupling between two pieces of code, because one end no longer has to be aware of the interface being exported by the other end. This is equivalent to removing some type information from the program. So if removing some type information is good because it reduces coupling, then why not remove all type information?
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Everyone touches a different part of the elephant.  Over at Lambda the Ultimate, they viewed that post as an OO type stumbling toward the joys of higher order programming.

Could it be that support for multiple programming paradigms is a good thing? :)
Posted by Wilhelm at Tue Jul 22 08:45:54 2003

Hmmm... the URL for [LtU http://lambda.weblogs.com/discuss/msgReader$7874] got mangled, trying again.
Posted by Wilhelm at Tue Jul 22 08:49:16 2003

Ted Leung points out that Don Box is advocating a loosely coupled (dynamically typed) approach with delegates. So, as Ted asked - if getting rid of type information in a delegate situation is a good thing, what value are the type declarations providing elsewhere? Meanwhile, Sun continues to simply not get it at all - Java 1.5 will be providing C style templates.
Posted by Trackback from Cincom Smalltalk Blog - Smalltalk with Rants at Tue Jul 22 09:13:13 2003

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