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Tue, 05 Oct 2004
Macintosh Tips and Tricks
Here's an update of my Macintosh Tips and Tricks. The contents of this post have been folded into the main file.


  • Export your address book to FOAF
  • OnMyCommandCMshop
  • Add more actions to your command (control-click) menu
  • Adium
  • The best (such as it is) multiprotocol IM client for the Mac. Jabber support is horrible
  • Paparazzi
  • A neat little utility for taking perfectly sized screenshots of web pages
  • Download comment for Safari
  • Store the url of a download in the Finder comments of the downloaded file
  • Unicode Checker
  • A useful tool for dealing with Unicode. Also makes itself available via the services menu
  • Growl
  • A system wide notification service with command line tools and Python bindings. Supported by Ecto, Adium.
  • svnX
  • A standalone installable subversion
  • cscreen
  • Set the screen resolution and refresh rate from the command line
  • chatmaster
  • Manage iChat and Adium archives
  • AntiRSI
  • A very nice app that forces you to take those RSI breaks
Getting to hidden folders in open/save dialogs
You need to know how to do this!
Using iChat to send SMS's to a cell phone
The advantage of doing this is that the SMS reply goes to the iChat window, not your e-mail mbox
How to launch a GUI app as root
If you must, you must
Nicer separators for Safari Bookmarks
I'm using Safari a bit more
Rebuilding the Launch Services Database
These sorts of hints remind me of Windows...
How to solve Mail.app index problems
Because Mail.app does hang/crash.
Getting to the console from the login panel
This is handy when troubleshooting your machine
You can pipe the output of a shell command to "open -f" to get that output into TextEdit [via Macworld 10/2004 p. 87 ]
Some of this type of stuff can be done with Quicksilver
Docklet folders
Put commonly used folders into the dock for easy access
Turn on the Safari Debug Menu
There are a few useful items in the Debug menu - like import/export of bookmarks
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Macintosh Tips and Tricks

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