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Fri, 02 Jan 2004
Expose and Intellimouse Explorer
Today I finally got around to hooking up my Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro. Now I have to relearn how to type. The Powerbook is sitting on my desk right in front of the 21" CRT. So I have an unusual multiple monitor setup where the secondary display is below the primary display. I've been typing on the Powerbook keyboard, and it's been making me slightly batty - it's not a Thinkpad keyboard, for one, and it's at the wrong typing height for me. To make matters worse (for my hands an back), the Natural Keyboard Pro is sitting on a nice keyboard arm that is slung under the desktop, which puts the keyboard in a perfect typing position for me (and almost no one else because I'm small). I've been feeling it in my arms and back. So today while waiting for one of my stress test cases to run, I dug out an old Microsoft Natural Keyboard and a really old PS/2 Intellimouse, plugged them into the television, er, Windows box, and plugged the Natural Keyboard Pro into the PowerBook. Quick test to make sure the Windows box is happy (it is), and on to the Powerbook. I put the Intellimouse Explorer back onto the keyboard arm platform and plug it into the Natural Keyboard Pro, and download MS IntelliType 5.0 for OS X. Everything works great. The OS X drivers have sensible binding for all the media function keys that I never used, (and can't reliably find from the home row).

I'm really in power work mode now, and I've got lots of windows open -- 20 across 4 virtual desktops, and I don't have the window happy WingIDE running at the moment -- add 4 or 5 for that. I've got tons of XChatAqua windows, everything. I really need Expose, and I've started to use it -- by using the activation corners, but it seems a long reach to get there. I don't want to take my hands off the home row, but I have to take my right hand off to use the mouse to get the right window out of the pile. This makes the default F8 - F10 binding useless, because the hand that pushes those keys should be on the mouse to fish out the window. What I really want is to use a shifted mouse key (like the side forward/back buttons plus command or option) to invoke Expose. But I couldn't figure out how to do it with my setup. Is there anybody out there that's made this work? Maybe using USB Overdrive?

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