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Thu, 26 Feb 2004
Chandler 0.3 released
Today OSAF released Chandler 0.3. A lot of work has gone on under the hood between 0.2 and 0.3. We've made a number of improvements in the repository, and the Chandler Presentation and Interaction Architecture (CPIA) is making its debut in these release.

This is a developer oriented release. That means that there are a hardly any end user features / applications, and that the UI is (still) ugly. We want the next release (0.4) to include some real end user features and a real UI. Here are some things that we are interested in.

The repository has stabilized to the point of being useful for small applications. We're looking for feedback on the usability of the API's and data model. For people looking to do code related work, it's probably safe for you to start looking at the code. We can definitely use help in expanding our unit tests and performance/stress testing. Also, If you are interested in using the Chandler repository in your own application we'd be interested in talking with you about that.

CPIA is in its first release, and is taking its first baby steps. If you are a GUI framework person, we would like to get feedback on the architecture and APIs.

In short, this is a platform release, and it represents a real starting point on which Chandler end user functionality can be constructed. Some parts of the platform are in an early state, but if you would like to get in on things at an early stage, you'll be getting an accurate picture of the direction that we are heading in. You can get in contact with us via dev@osafoundation.org or via the chandler IRC channel irc://irc.osafoundation.org:6667/chandler

As a reminder, OSAF will be sponsoring a Chandler sprint at PyCon 2004. It is possible for you to attend the sprint without attending PyCon. We'll also have some tutorial material for people at the sprints, so previous experience with Chandler is not required. So if you are interested, please sign up on the sprint wiki page. In addition to the sprint, Mitch Kapor will be giving one of the PyCon keynotes, and we hope to have a Chandler BOF as well. PyCon is less than a month away, so register/sign up today.

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