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Tue, 08 Jul 2003
Microcontent / Adaptive Blogosphere / OpenDoc
Phil Wolff is Mister Microcontent.

In this post he tackles the issue of managing microcontent using an e-mail program. That'd be ok if all e-mail programs didn't suck. I prefer to think of it in reverse; e-mail is just another kind of microcontent -- although here I may be stretching the term from the meaning that Anil Dash already gave it.

Earlier in the week Phil commented in Anil's blog, pointing to the links on Sam's wiki regarding Component Blogs and the Adaptive Blogosphere. After which we've truly veered off from Dash's definition. If you follow this reasoning then you come to a startling conclusion. Echo and RSS are just SOAP with some predefined headers. If the world ends up going down the adaptive blog route, then the syndication format becomes a framing format for the "real content". So essentially, this is like OpenDoc for the web. That's going to raise a few hairs.

Krzysztof Kowalczyk has figured out that Chandler has the potential to become the ultimate micro content client. If you believe in Phil's email-like microcontent manager (and you believe that Chandler won't suck), then the conclusion is obvious. Krzysztof's reasoning about webs of microcontent insinuated and augmented with one's personal information is just fuel for the fire. Chandler's design around Parcels give it the ability to act like an OpenDoc style container for microcontent components.

I can't wait to meet the Chandler team this week.

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