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Mon, 10 Jan 2005
A bit on Chandler's calendar

Elizabeth Grigg has questions about calendaring stuff:

One thing just from observing this Lightning / Mozilla spec page as well as the Chandler spec page: both projects are in an extraordinary low level of detail at the moment. There is virtually no high level thinking in the specs, which is perhaps fine for the task at hand. It doesn't help us outside observers, though. I would like to know, for both these projects, whether unseating Outlook is the cause celebre or is there something new for users in there somewhere.

As far as Chandler goes, we have a UI spec for the Calendar work we are doing for our 0.5 release (sometime in March). I'm not intimately involved with the calendaring stuff, so reading the spec is the best way to judge whether there will be something new for users there.

The other thing to know about our calendar work is that it will be based on CalDAV, a standard based on iCalendar and WebDAV. CalDAV looks like it is gaining momentum amongst calendar implementors, and if it gets sufficiently adopted, then the existence of interoperable clients and servers would definitely offer something to users: choice. The CalConnect consortium (of which OSAF and Mozilla are members) is working hard on improving interoperability amongst between calendars.

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Hi Elizabeth,

The general UI stuff (including some number of use cases are here
http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Chandler/UiDesign .  Some of it is a little bit out of date.  As far as overarching rationale, some of that has changed and hasn't been reflected in the wiki pages.  The best thing to do would be to dive into the design mailing list.
Posted by Ted Leung at Wed Jan 19 22:28:35 2005

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