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Wed, 19 Nov 2003
ApacheCon Day 2
Tuesday my college friend Ernie Prabhakar came to ApacheCon to work in the Apple Booth. Ernie is working as Apple's liason with the various open source communities. It was good to see him and catch up with him in person.

Chris Pirillo gave a very animated and entertaining talk about using RSS to for e-mail marketing. There wasn't much that wasy new to me, but I liked his presentation. He actually said that "he can't wait until Chandler goes final". We'll have to be sure to send him a copy.

During lunch I hung around with the RTP bloggers (Sam, Mark, Joe) and got introduced to Scott Johnson, the man behind Feedster. I don't use Feedster as much as I should, especially since you can subscribe to a search as an RSS feed. During Chris Pirillo's keynote he did a Feedster search for ApacheCon, and I was gratified to see that there were a huge number of posts about ApacheCon.

I went to two sessions in the afternoon. The first one was on mod_rendezvous, which is using howl, which I've written about previously. I was the session chair for the second sesion, on ASP.Net and mod_mono. I would have liked this talk better if it had spent less time on the CLR and .NET and more time on the internals of mod_mono.

I ended up going to dinner with Ben Hyde, Andy Oliver, Cliff Schmidt, and Santiago Gala. We went for Vietnamese, which was very good, and then I spent the rest of the night talking to various combinations of ASF'ers until late in the night.

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