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Mon, 17 Nov 2003
Hackathon day two
I'm sitting in the opening plenary session for ApacheCon. Last night I discovered that the battery in the Thinkpad only lasts for about 45 minutes, which makes attending a multiple day, all day long conference a real problem, at least if you want to use a computer in every session. My notebook envy was only increased yesterday, because Sam Ruby is toting one of the amaing Thinkpad T40's, which have a battery life that is long enough to go all day without plugging the machine in.

Yesterday was a very, very full day. I meet a few people in person for the first time: Geir Magnusson, who I've worked with on a few mailing lists, decided to come at the last minute, so many of us were meeting him in person for the first time. Also, Sam brought Joe Gregorio by and we had a very pleasant time getting to know each other. I'm looking forward to talking with him some more during the rest of the week.

Ben Hyde, Sam, and I had a conversation about blog comment spam, due to a bozo who comment spammed Sam yesterday. Afther that, I took Sam over to meet James Strachan in person. I wanted to Sam to see the stuff that James has been doing with Groovy. Sam seemed to be pretty interested, and he was asking questions about a CLR or ParrotVM version of Groovy.

Lots of people greeted me with congratulations on my new job at OSAF, which is very gratifying, and some people have started plying me with additional features for Chandler.

One other interesting conversation that I had was with James Howison, who is part of a group conducting a university research study on open source.

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