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Thu, 10 Jul 2003
OSCON: Grab Bag
I'm going to do the rest of the talks and activities in this post because I'm tired and it's late.

Alex Martelli: "The Template Method Design Pattern in Python"
I got to this talk late because I had a long break talk with Danese Cooper from Sun and Daniel Steinberg from O'Reilly regarding java.net. There are some people at Sun who get open source and Danese is definitely one of them. More on this later after I have a chance to think about it. The discussion also include James Duncan Davidson, and I stuck around just to say hi and find out more about his move to Portland.

The net effect was that I missed the first 2/3 of Martelli's talk which was a bummer because I've been very impressed by his posts in comp.lang.python. By the time I got there, he was talking about using introspection in the abstract base class of the template method pattern to selectively execute methods in the subclasses.

Jason Hunter: "What the X is XQuery"
I was a query language specialist as a graduate student, so this was an easy talk. I wanted to see what Jason's been up to, and I got to see some of what the latest XQuery draft looks like. There's some nice stuff in there now, I can see why the Microsofties are excited about this. Other useful info: Jason is recommending the Cerisent XQuery implementation. The coolest hidden XQuery implementation: Apple's Sherlock

BOF: Dynamic Languages Support in the Microsoft CLR and ECMA/ISL CLI
This BOF was run by some folks from the MS CLR team. They appear genuinely interested in getting feedback from the Perl/Python/Ruby developers on what they can do to improve support for dynamic languages in the CLR. Hey Sun, WAKE UP!!!!

BOF: "Geeks doing Good"
This was an interesting BOF in the heels of the Geek Volunteerism Summit that was held here during the tutorial days. There were two classes of volunteerism that we discussed. 1) helping non-profits and schools in the US 2) putting people on airplanes to countries like Ghana. This is a really good idea, and open source has a great fit for both classes. A few groups told anecdotes about what they've done. Good stuff.

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