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Fri, 05 Aug 2005

This has been an extended OSCON week, so I've been sleeping in and missing some of the keynotes. I specifically got up in time to hear Nat's interview with Mitchell Baker. The blogosphere has already beaten this to death, so I won't comment much here, other than to say that I think this is a good move and that I trust the folks at Mozilla to do the right thing.

Dick Hardt followed Mitchell with a Lessig style, rapid fire presentation on digital identity. In terms of presentation style, this is probably the best one of these that I've seen (sorry Anthony), just because of the pacing and delivery.

I stopped into a couple of sessions in the Open Source Business Review track. r0ml's talk on ROI/TCO stories was kind of interesting. Understanding how to communicate with the business/commercial world is important. The closer open source gets to mainstream, the more we need to be able to communicate effectively.

I came in David Temkin's talk on Lazlo's experience open sourcing OpenLazslo. David and I spent some time talking about the pros and cons of going open source, and it was very satisfying to hear him sharing his experiences with others.

The Ruby track has been jam packed. I thought that I would slip into some Ruby talks to see what has been going on in the Ruby world, but I couldn't get into 2 out of 3 talks because they were jam-packed, standing-room only, totally full. I was able to see Glenn Vanderburg's talk on Metaprogramming Ruby. Most of what he talked about was related to DSL's, but that's not the only application for metaprogramming.

The last session that I went to was Sanjiva Weerawarana's talk on Open Source and Developing Countries, which as mostly about how to actually get people in those countries participating in open source projects. Sanjiva has been able to help some Sri Lankans get involved in various Apache projects, so he's actually speaking from experience.

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