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Fri, 10 Dec 2004
Pyblosxom comment previews (and more)

In Pyblosxom 1.1 (coming soon), we've decided to unbundle plugins from the distribution. I've been merging a bunch of changes that people have made to the comments plugin. The new plugin is available here.

If you are already using the comments plugin, there is a significant change to the behavior. You will need to modify your comments-story.html template to have just the content that should appear between the end of story.html and comment.html. This will typically be a <div class="blosxomComments"> tag. If you see the body of your entry twice, you didn't modify the comments-story template.

Here's a list of the changes:

  • Comment previews [ Bill Mill ]
  • Users can configure the plugin to force all new comments into a "draft" mode where they have to be manually "published". Set py['comment_draft_ext'] to a filename extension. New comments are given this extension and must be renamed to have the regular comment_ext in order to published
  • Add a comment rejection callback allowing people to write their own comment rejection plugins. [ Will Guaraldi ]
  • Add $message variable so that users can see what happened to their comment: whether it was rejected, whether it was successful, whether it's in draft mode, ... [ Will Guaraldi ]
  • Stop stomping templates [ Will Guaraldi ]
  • Rich HTML mail notifications [ Roberto De Almeida ]
If there are more changes to the comments plugin lurking out there, please contact me. I'd like to merge more changes so that we can improve comments as much as possible.
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